Praxis brings the critical life skill of mastering money to life via its simulation of financial realities and ensures fun and powerful experiential learning.  Every day, Praxis engages players of all demographics to actual knowledge and action.
— Greg Martin, Group CEO of The Praxis Company


The Praxis Company is the leading financial literacy training company in Southeast Asia. Praxis® offers a fun, engaging, and effective learning experience to anyone who wishes to master money. Through the realistic life simulation, the game allows users to easily draw practical financial insights and form good money habits.

It integrates common life events such as natural calamities, socio-political developments, and technological advancements, letting players understand and apply financial planning as they go through several scenarios in the game.

Gameplays are tailored for every type of audience and purpose and within all demographics and cultures.

Triple P Perspective

We view financial literacy as a particular challenge to increasing the penetration of financial services in the developing world and we have wanted to make financial literacy a cornerstone of the fund’s efforts in delivering impact. To find a business like Praxis, which is focused solely on teaching people in an engaging way about how to use financial products, has been exciting for us.

This market potential of the business is validated by Praxis’s impressive list of school users and financial services clients, including banks, mutual fund companies and insurers.

Industry: Insurance Services
Deal Type: Growth Equity, Control
Countries: The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore

Contemi is a leading IT insurance firm that is ready to shoulder the challenges of digitalisation in the insurance sector – particularly in Asia where many emerging markets still need to ramp up financial inclusion and literacy.
— Allan Pedersen, Triple P Capital


Contemi provides innovative end-to-end solutions for insurance companies in Europe and Asia. The Company is already embedded in Asia, thanks to having a strong client presence in the region’s emerging markets such as Vietnam – where the company has over 60 skilled insurance developers.

Uniquely, Contemi is one of the only insurance IT companies in the world to offer its Core Policy System as Open Source software - a particularly powerful offering for the developing world.

Over the years, Contemi has built competency, developed solutions and fulfilled deliveries to many leading Insurance players like Trygg-Hansa, RSA, Codan, Vardia, WaterCircles, Gjensidige, Gabler, Singapore Life and many others.

Triple P Perspective

The most successful insurers today are consistently expanding their investments in IT, particularly around middle and front-end solutions. We found that Contemi has outstanding solutions and services for participating in this high growth market. Particularly in Asia, these increased investments are vital for insurers to be able to take advantage of exciting new business partnerships and meet the customer demands of the massive digital first Gen Y and Gen Z populations.

We expect Contemi will deliver impact not only through capacity building but also by empowering local ensurers to use technology to effectively reach emerging consumers.

Industry: Insurance Services
Deal Type: Growth & Buyout Equity, Control
Countries: Vietnam, Singapore, Norway and the United Kingdom