The Power of Impact

Triple P is committed to bringing more people into the formal financial system

Triple P partners with companies that promote financial inclusion by:

  • Delivering quality, affordable, relevant and profitable products to those most in need

  • Developing innovative service delivery mechanisms

  • Measuring the impact on local communities

  • Enhancing consumer protection

Companies that follow the “profit with purpose” philosophy can achieve:

  • Improved employee engagement

  • Higher customer loyalty

  • Better regulatory and partner relations

Measuring our Impact

The following four principles would guide the Fund’s focus on impact measurement:

  1. Do No Harm. Structure impact measurement to limit distraction and pain for partner companies.

  2. Company Ownership. Ensure that the portfolio companies “own” as many metrics as possible. Most impact metrics should be so relevant that they remain part of portfolio companies’ management reporting even after the Fund’s exit.

  3. Share Detail Widely. Share detail about the impact of portfolio companies, including through the companies’ communications and more broadly across the investment community.

  4. Foster Commonalities. Triple P will use numerous of GIIN’s IRIS metrics and drive common approaches to measuring impact, while respecting the specific requirements of each partner company.


Triple P is also a signatory to the Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance (PIIF) – a responsible investment framework housed within the PRI initiative for investors focused on expanding access to affordable and responsible financial products and services to those traditionally excluded.